Let’s Start Talking

On Friday and Saturday, I attended Harvest Call in Ft. Worth, Texas, a gathering of people who want to teach God’s Word through free English lessons around the world. Let’s Start Talking, www.lst.org, is led by Mark and Sherrylee Woodward, who have been sending missionaries “into all the world” for over 30 years.

Having been to Brazil, Thailand twice, and Fiji on LST trips, I was definitely one of the “old-timers” there. But the excitement and enthusiasm of all, from newbies to oldsters, was contagious. I also learned more about FriendSpeak, which offers free English lessons through the local congregation. We have a FriendSpeak program at our church, the Central Church in Cheviot, a suburb of Cincinnati (http://centralchurchofchrist.homestead.com), but we would like to reach a wider audience. We are wondering if any students at the University of Cincinnati or Cincinnati State University would be interested in free English lessons. We have at least ten qualified teachers who can help with reading and especially conversing in English. Thus the name of the organization: Let’s Start Talking. It’s a way to help our international friends improve their conversational English skills in a free, nonthreatening environment.