100 Things–or maybe 21

I just found a notebook from twelve or fifteen years ago with the impressive title, “Lanita’s Lists.” The first entry says “100 Things I’ve Learned in My Life.” Wow! I thought when I found it–my life wisdom from years ago.

So it turns out that the list I started so optimistically has only 21 items on it. But they are still lessons I’ve found to be true, so I’ll share them here. (I really want to comment on some of them, but I’ll let them stand for now.)

1. Life is not fair.
2. An activity fills the time allotted to it.
3. Other people make the same dumb mistakes I do.
4. My own children are delightful.
5. Childhood passes quickly.
6. Handling people fairly does not mean identically.
7. The more competence you exhibit, the more competence people expect.
8. Don’t say anything important to Steve during a basketball game.
9. It pays to keep quiet.
10. It pays to speak up.
11. Personal characteristics become more so with age.
12. Simple pleasures are more enjoyable than extravagant ones.
13. Girls are more challenging to raise than boys.
14. Men and boys are easier to manipulate than females.
15. Children remember best what they’ve done individually.
16. “Have a good one” is a fake-y thing to say.
17. People are more important than things.
18. Sincere apologies are always appropriate.
19. Teachers make a poor audience.
20. Computers are both wonderful and horrendous.
21. I must give what I want to get.

Who knows? Someday I may actually figure out the other 79 things I’ve learned. Meanwhile, I may take one item from this list occasionally and comment on it. I’d love to hear from readers on any of these points. Do you agree or disagree? What would you add to the list from your own experiences?


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  1. supermomdoesn'texist

    I love this list, and if you had 100 things as good as the 21 it might be hard to take them all in at once! As is, I feel like I need to take some time to come back to this list periodically to reflect on it. On a light note #19 really hits home–I've never seen a more catty, immature audience of people interrumpting and speaking over the speaker (all of what we preach to our students NOT to do) than when a bunch of teachers are together for some meeting! haha! And #6 about treating people fairly does not mean identically hit a nerve with me b/c of a situation with one of my students. So, so true. Thanks for the reminder.

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