Fun and Feasting

The past weekend was a joyous time of fun and feasting–both physical and spiritual. A Halloween party that had outgrown the host’s house was transferred to ours, accompanied by the usual food and frivolity. The theme was “A Family Affair” and everyone came as some family member. I was “Auntie Mame,” which was great fun. I enjoyed swooping around in stilettos with my feather boa and cigarette holder.

Our houseguests for the weekend were Andy and Kathryn Miller and their children Sam and Reagan. They are the missionaries we worked with for six weeks in Bangkok over a year ago and it was great to see them again. They are on furlough in America to get more financial support and to recruit other Americans to commit to the Lord’s work in Thailand. We relished catching up on the people we’d known in Bangkok and hearing how God is constantly blessing the work there. They immediately were family to Kelsey and Stephen, too, even though they’d just met. They all jumped in to help prepare for the party and were active participants in every bit of it. It was fun the next day to tell them more about the guests, for we could identify them by their costumes: “Family Tree,” or “Uncle Fester,” “Father Time,” “Mother Teresa,” “The Godfather,” etc.

Best of all were the spiritual discussions. Being in the family of God connects us in ways far deeper than natural family ties. We ate together, played together, and prayed together, and were so sad for them to leave. At the same time, we are happy that we know such warriors for Jesus Christ. Being with them definitely made me want to go back to Bangkok with a Let’s Start Talking,, team!

Andy and Kathryn spoke to our combined adult and teen classes on Sunday. I loved it that within their report was also a lesson for us all: work for God wherever you are, whether it’s Thailand or Cincinnati. I couldn’t help but think that every culture has its idols, whether it’s Buddha or football, spirit houses or the World Series. Being with this family that has given up house and jobs to follow God’s call to the other side of the world was both humbling and inspiring.