"In Christ Alone"

Though stating the obvious, I must say that God is pretty awesome. Yesterday I heard a great example of how he cares and works in our lives in even the smallest things.

My friend Ruth is dying of cancer. The doctor gave her “weeks, not months,” a few weeks ago. She is a strong woman of faith and flatly says that she’s lived long enough to know there are many things worse than death. Losing her is hard for us to imagine, for she is vibrant, funny, talented, and involved in everything possible—and all to the glory of God.

Last week I was listening to Keith and Kristyn Getty’s marvelous CD, In Christ Alone. I hadn’t listened to it in months, and I was struck by how many of the songs seemed written especially for Ruth. So I copied onto a CD for her “Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer,” “In Christ Alone,” and “The Power of the Cross.” I took the time to type up the words to the first one, which seemed especially suited to her attitude.

Saturday, she and her daughter-in-law Sandy listened to the songs, and Sandy reminded her that “In Christ Alone” was a song she connected closely with Ruth and had wanted Ruth to hear. Ruth listened, then said that she would understand the words better if she could see them in print.

On Sunday, “In Christ Alone” was one of our special Easter songs and everyone got a copy of the words and music, written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend. Ruth was able to be there for Easter worship, constantly rejoicing. She received the words to the song and got to share communion with her many family members present. Wasn’t it wonderful of God to work that out so well?

“In Christ Alone” is not a new, trendy song. It’s been around since 2002. But this week everything came together for this song to encourage and uplift Ruth and her family. Thank you, God! You are incredible. And I’ll just warn you, though I’m sure you’re prepared: Ruth is going to shake things up when she gets there!

Words to “Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer,” music by Keith Getty, words by Margaret Becker:

Jesus, draw me ever nearer
As I labor through the storm;
You have called me to this passage,
And I’ll follow, though I’m worn.

May this journey bring a blessing,
May I rise on wings of faith;
And at the end of my heart’s testing,
With Your likeness let me wake.

Jesus guide me through the tempest;
Keep my spirit staid and sure;
When the midnight meets the morning
Let me love You even more.

Let the treasures of the trial,
Form within me as I go—
And at the end of this long passage,
Let me leave them at Your throne.


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  1. Kenda

    Thank you for posting the words to this song–they are worth keeping close by…

    Praying for God's continued blessings and help for Ruth and her family.

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