Cooling Techniques

Malls and grocery stores have central air conditioning, but homes and small offices, such as the church building, do not. They have individual room air conditioners that are installed on a wall at the ceiling. They operate with a remote control that usually has a holder near the door. The temperature can be regulated through the remote and these air conditioners do a terrific job of cooling a room. The large room of the church that is used for the Sunday assembly and that we’ll use for tonight’s party has three such air conditioners. They cool the rooms very well until a crowd arrives. Then it can get a bit warm.

Soon I hope to post some pictures of our party as well as our space.

Part of our conversation with our readers is to show pictures of our families and homes. One reader asked if our home was air conditioned all year round. I told him that in the winter it was very cold and we needed heat. He said, “So you have a heat conditioner?” It’s very strange to think of entire nations that have highways and cars and skyscrapers and yet have no concept of needing heat–ever at all.

A constant temperature certainly simplifies a lot. No seasonal clothing, no need to change out closets. No need for cold weather foods or looking forward to the foods of a different season. Hot drinks are the norm here. People strongly believe drinking hot drinks cools you down. And well they may–if you like the idea of sweating so much that the air then cools you because you are so damp!