Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Upstairs?

So our new friend Pearly, a member of the Wangsa Maja church here, told us it’s important not to leave any food out when we leave the building. She went on to explain that some civets escaped from the local zoo and have been seen in the apartment above the church’s area on the third floor of this building. They hear them pacing upstairs, so, in order to allay the fears of the children, they refer to them as “Mr. and Mrs. Stanley.”

We’re told any food left in the kitchen can disappear, thanks to the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley. I’m glad they avoid people!



  1. Kenda

    What interesting companions!

    So glad to know you are there safe and sound. Blessings as you offer such a wonderful helping hand to others.

  2. Annelle R. Huggins

    Mother and I are glad to hear that you all arrived safely. What a dream for the young ones to be above a 7/11 !

    Prayers are with you.

  3. supermomdoesn'texist

    That's too funny! Now any unwelcome animals in the future will always be referred to as "Mr. and Mrs. Stanley", right?!

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