Queen Ruth

The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen!

Ruth Williams was queen of her family, queen of the Central Church, queen of our hearts. She reigned gently but firmly, guiding and directing us to the end. As we met with her, even in her last days, she gave us her smile, her wisdom, her love. She kept us connected to her and to God.

Now we must stay connected to God and to Bob, her rock. But even rocks need love and support when they are human rocks. My interpretation of “The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen!” (right or wrong) is that even though one queen has died, another immediately takes her place. In this case, it could also mean that the Queen will live forever in the heavenly kingdom. This assurance brings a comfort unknown to those outside of Christ.

Ruth, however, has assigned each of us to take her place. We have our roles to fill, taking many of us to cover the lives and encouragements that she handled masterfully to the end. The scepter has been passed to us. As Paul said so could Ruth have said if she hadn’t been so humble: “Be followers of me as I am of Christ.” Living as she did is our best possible tribute to this incredible woman of God.

Welcome home, Ruth!