Worshiping in KL

We had a wonderful day with the Wangsa Maju Church of Christ in Kuala Lumpur. Our new friend Matthew led the singing very well. Josh taught a class on Mark and then preached as well, preaching on “Words of Life.” His points were on encouraging words, commissioning words, and convicting words. Excellent points that held the attention well.

The women of the church had prepared porridge (kind of a chicken/rice soup) and noodles for everyone to share for lunch. There was also a pasta salad made by the American member here, which was more familiar than the other food. All was very tasty.

After we ate, we were included in a meeting about our LST plans. They wanted to know what parties we are having and how they could help. Terrific! They plan to feed our students before each party, so that should ensure a good turnout. Our first party is with the Southwestern theme, and we are supplying chips and salsa for the snack. The American volunteered to add con queso dip as well, so that’s a great addition to our plan.

We’re reading from three until seven each Sunday. Today I just had two readers but Josh had four! His schedule is packed, but Gina and I are fairly busy, too. As people realize that they can come more than once a week, our schedules are filling up.

We are delighted that the people here have such an interest in helping us have a successful project! I’ve never seen so many people so involved in all aspects of an LST project. God has truly responded to all the prayers on our behalf. We will continue to pray for our readers to have open hearts to God’s truth.