Steve Safely Arrived!

We are all most excited that Steve (and his luggage) arrived safely this morning. Steven, my host for the last few weeks, drove Kinley and me to the airport to meet him. My usual Thursday morning reader, YiKe, agreed to come at one so I’d be free to go pick Steve up.

Steve was greatly impressed with the efficiency and quality of Singapore Airlines and the Singapore airport as well as the KL airport. He looks quite chipper and seems none the worse for wear after the long journey.

I know many prayers went up on his behalf, and he mentioned how just the right person was always there when he needed help. Surely God does provide! Does he not send angels as ministering spirits to serve us? Indeed he does! (Hebrews 1:14)



  1. Kenda

    So thankful to hear of Steve's safe arrival! May God continue to bless your work in the time remaining 🙂

  2. Annelle R. Huggins

    Delighted to hear Steve arrived safely! Enjoyed the video, especially seeing Kinley and Knox. Wishing you well during the coming weeks.

  3. Contemplations

    Glad Steve made it there safe and sound! I'm really enjoying reading about your experience!

  4. Larry L. Smith

    Hey! to Steve. Yvonne and I enjoyed Josh's video — thank's Josh! We are enjoying your posts and proud of the good work you are doing.
    Larry & Yvonne

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