Proverbs 31 for Men: A Husband of Noble Character

Jon Acuff gave his take on a modern version of Proverbs 31, which reminded me of my own version for men, so here it is.

A husband of noble character, who can find? For his worth is far above diamonds.

His wife trusts him completely and is confident of his love.

He brings her good and not distress all the days of his life.

He looks for wood and tools and works with eager hands.

He is like transport planes, bringing his food from afar.

He rises while it is still night to provide food for his family and his workers.

He considers a business and begins it; from his earnings he reinvests his money.

He exercises regularly to keep himself in good physical condition.

He sees that his trading is profitable; he labors late to finish his business.

He works to keep the yard mowed and trimmed; he sees that the cars are maintained well.

He gives money to the poor; he takes food and clothing to the needy.

He is not afraid of bad weather, for his roof is secure and the storm windows are tight.

He buys good clothes for himself and his family so they always look appropriately dressed.

His wife is known in the city where she is respected in her own profession.

He does his job well and has the respect of his peers.

He is strong in following the Lord’s will and he is always optimistic.

He spends time teaching his children and shows wisdom in dealing with his friends and extended family.

He gives attention to each child and his wife and does not spend too much time on selfish activities.

His children rise up and call him blessed, and his wife praises him, saying,

“Many women have good husbands, but you are the best of all.”

Charisma is shallow and good looks don’t last, but a man who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Let him prosper in what he does and let the church praise his good works.