Modern Inconveniences

Travel these days is so uncertain. I guess it’s always been that way, come to think of it. We don’t deal with ill winds or tribal attacks, or scurvy or our horses wearing out. We no longer have to wait weeks or months to hear of a safe arrival. But we do have to deal with security measures that irritate as well as protect and with engine problems, whether it’s auto or airplane.

Josh and Kinley were at the Indianapolis airport yesterday in time for their 6:40 pm flight to London via Boston. First there were delays, and then they were no longer in line for a runway and then they were told that it was too late to connect in Boston to Heathrow so they’d have to wait another day to leave! So he put in a call, and Steve and I went back to get them. They even had to retrieve their luggage yesterday and start all over today!

So—disappointment and blessings, all mixed together! Kinley’s sadness about leaving school early was all about missing the talent show. She didn’t miss a minute of it! She performed with her three friends and also participated in a “flash mob” number of teachers and some students that was a surprise for the rest of the school. She did great in both.

We got to spend some time with Josh and Kinley that we’d otherwise have missed. Steve took them back to the airport (about 1 hour 20 minutes drive) and I picked Knox up from preschool. After a trip to the Dollar Tree, Knox’s “favoritest store in the universe,” we are playing knights and practicing with squirt guns on and off. There is no limit to this child’s imagination.

And through it all, praying without ceasing. Praying for safe journeys, good connections, competent airline personnel. Praying for wisdom in influencing my precious grandchildren. Prayers of thanksgiving for my children and the people they married. Prayers of thankfulness for husband who shows no limit to his willingness to help his children. He constantly demonstrates on an earthly level the limitless love of our heavenly Father. How can our children not follow the lead of such a godly man?

So I kind of got away from the inconveniences of our modern conveniences, but that isn’t important, anyway. People are what matter—to me and to God. And, as my great-uncle Zach used to say, I got a “good ‘un.”