What’s Going on in the Movies?

This morning I heard a marvelous presentation by Ted Baehr of www.movieguide.org . He shared good news about movies in the United States!  In 2010, 60% of the movies made in the U.S. contained positive Christian content, up from 25% ten years earlier. His goal is 90%.

His parents were in the movies and he became a Christian in his twenties. Ever since then, his goal has been to redeem the media in America. He believes that politics is downstream from culture, so if we can change the culture then politics will change.

His website gives reviews of movies based on their content from a Christian viewpoint. Baehr says that in recent years studies show that the more immorality in a movie, the less successful it is. He credits Pixar with much of the change. Even “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” has a speech about Jesus in it! He is at this writing conference to encourage Christians to write screenplays that feature Christian values. He cited “The Blind Side” as one we’d all seen. He also recommended “Courageous” and “Amish Grace,” in case you’re looking for a good movie this weekend.

I’ve never seen a Hollywood person so on fire for Christ; it was amazing! I wish I could post his slides with all the statistics that are so encouraging.  In February, his organization will present the 20th Movie Guide Awards—and I’ve never even heard of them.

How encouraging to know that there are people actively working toward strong Christian values in movies—and making a difference! You might want to bookmark his website for future reference. Did any of you know about www.movieguide.org ?


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  1. Nancy Bradley

    Love that 90% goal. We can do it! Thanks for spreading this message and educating me about the 20th Movie Guida Awards.

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