1. Drue Wright

    I have never doubted my husband’s love for me and he feels the same. We have had very few misunderstandings but, of course there have been some. After all, we’ve been married for over 58 years! One of the many things I appreciate and love about him is that we agreed early to be united in rearing our children. If either of us disagreed with the others correction we did not disagree in front of the children. We waited and talked about it and sometimes the one doing the correcting changed his/her mind. We are not only united with each other but united with God in our long marriage and I feel that is the key.

  2. “A tender, loving spouse is surely God’s greatest gift in his plan for human life.” Amen to that! I appreciate my husband’s support–and patience 🙂 It’s not easy living with a writer!!

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