Retreating to Move Forward

Last weekend, I attended a women’s retreat at Potter’s Ranch in Union, Kentucky, that included women from four local congregations. The speaker, Judy Branch, gave excellent talks comparing earthly brides with how we are the bride of Christ. 

One of the breakout sessions was led by Barbara Pugh, who did a terrific job of explaining the traditional Jewish wedding. You can easily see the parallels to Jesus and the church when you hear that 1) the father picks the bride, 2) the bridegroom visits the bride once and tells her he will let her know when he is ready for the wedding, 3) they sign a contract and drink a glass of wine together, 4) he goes back to build a room on his father’s house where he and his bride can live, and 5) cannot set a specific hour when he will call her to his home, but it will be at some future time known only by the father. 

Isn’t that great? And there were even more parallels than that, but those are the ones I recall. 

The singing was marvelous. You really can’t beat dozens of women singing a cappella together. To me it sounded like a heavenly choir. 

What retreat topics have you enjoyed?