1. Gina Boyd

    You’re right! I do welcome your every move on my children! I’m grateful to God for your input, love, and wisdom!

  2. Lanita Boyd

    My cousin Jerry emailed this to me, to add to the information about Great-grandma Briley:
    As for Greatgrandma, she was something. She always called me Jerry Wayne. She was the only one too. Yes, she was proper on Sunday at Church. But she had a fun side. One year at hog killing she took the bladder from one of the hogs, tied it, and blew it up as a balloon for me. Another time when they were stripping tobacco she took some out and twisted for chewing. And I have been told by several people that she loved to go down to the creek and get into the water and splash around.
    You know there is one thing about all the ladies in our background, they were good cooks. Every time I think about them I think of all the good meals they fixed.

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