1. Thanks, Lanita, for sharing these very personal thoughts. Your Dad sounds like a special guy.
    Dates always bring memories. March 21 brings memories of Mom who passed away in 2000. Tomorrow is her birthday. I see her in her rocking chair drinking tea. So sad to lose parents!

    • Lanita Boyd

      It’s always interesting to note how we picture our parents. My dad was a teacher, farmer, and musician. I picture him either on the tractor or directing singing at church.

  2. Marjean Brooks

    Oh,Lanita,what a sad story. I am sorry for his pain and that of your family at the hand of other so-called believers.He got his reward in heaven, I am sure. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Lanita Boyd

      Thanks, Marjean! I assumed that no one connected with those challenging times would ever read my post, but do look at my FB page to see comments from one of my mother’s mentees. Maybe it’s always too soon to “bleed across the page” emotionally!

  3. Lisa Crowe

    You are a testimony to the character of your parents. What a God-loving person your dad obviously was! The Isaiah 57 verse has special meaning for us for the time we lost our God-loving nephew at 19 due to cancer. It most definitely fits your dad as well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lanita Boyd

    Thanks, Lisa! I so appreciate your remarks. You and Gayle are still so dear to Josh, Gina, and us. You were so meaningful in helping ground them through working together at Elmwood.

  5. Josh Boyd

    Thanks for sharing some of my family’s spiritual history here! At the time, of course (I was 11), I was mostly oblivious to the stresses of my grandparents’ lives, and I appreciate hearing more of the story now. I was vaguely aware of conflict at church (and acutely aware of how much their lives revolved around their faith), but my awareness was much higher about their singing, their going to church camp with me, their going out in the yard and playing badminton with me (Grandma in her skirt!), and their cooking delicious southern dinners (Grandma) and popcorn in the evening (Granddaddy). I remember that at the first hint of fall, there was always a roaring fire burning. Incidentally, I didn’t inherit the Bradley fire-building skill. But as I think about this piece, I am challenged to think–am I at peace with all men? Is there anyone for whom my words or actions create spiritual stress and strain?

  6. Lanita, I just read this again and cried again. It brings back those “bad” years that Mr. and Mrs. Bradley had to go thru. I think I will remember all those years that they were in my house, kept my 2 little daughters, cut corn off the cob, and so many things that would take me a long time to write and longer for you to read. My husband and I and our daughters loved them so much, and just wish there was a way that we could have stopped some other people from doing things that they did. We will remember the goodness that your parents have. To this day when we have a visiting preacher, if they are from the Portland, Cottontown or Goodlettsville area we ask them if they know Mr. Bradley. After all these years sometimes there will be someone say “yes, the one that could lead singing so good”. Yep, that’s Lawrence Bradley.

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