1. Drue Wright

    Lanita, just last night we were talking about aunts and uncles. All of ours are gone now. I found myself wishing I had sat down and questioned each of them about things past, things before my time……and I might add WRITTEN it down. So much knowledge and wisdom is gone now only because someone didn’t take the time to question and benefit from the generation before them.

    • Lanita Boyd

      Drue, Steve was way ahead of you and me on this with his last uncle, Uncle Joe. He interviewed him on video for about an hour and then sent copies to Uncle Joe’s three sons. It’s a treasure!

  2. Annelle R. Huggins

    I treasure my times with all of my Ralph aunts: Carleen for being the librarian role model that led me to my profession; Onezima for her delicious meals and words of advice; Evelyne for her strength of character and love of gardening; Mina for sharing her love of family history and reading; Deba for her enjoyment of life, music, and neighbors. We are both blessed to have had active love from all of the beautiful Ralph girls. I miss Carleen, Onezima, and Evelyne. Aunt Juanita (known to me as Mother) truly enjoyed your visit last week. It’s hard to believe that she will soon be 92! Even harder to believe that she still has a living aunt, herself!!

    • Lanita Boyd

      You summarized very well our great heritage! We love visiting with your mother and are always sorry we can’t stay longer.

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