1. Drue Wright

    Lanita, I enjoyed hearing about Steve’s reunion. We had less than 20 in our graduating class and have kept in touch to some degree. Everyone of the others live within 50 miles of each other. When I’m in the area they usually get together for dinner and a lot of great visiting. We’ve been out of school now for 59 years and in many ways when we’re together again it is like we’re 18 again. When I see old boyfriends or fellows who wanted to be boyfriends I can’t help but be even more thankful for Doyal. He is much younger looking, much healthier and way more good looking than all of them put together. Maybe I’m still looking through the eyes of that little 17 year old girl and seeing him as the 22 year old he was. Think so?

  2. Lanita Boyd

    Absolutely not! I’d take Doyal over most of the guys in the class of 62! There were 50 in Steve’s class and 10 have died. Your percentage is much better than his! We still have 62 of our 72.

    It’s great that you get together when you’re there. It’s our experience that local people attend less than those from away.

  3. Susan Smith

    Lanita, you should add “party/reunion planning” to your repertoire! I agree with all your ideas, esp. background noise and big print!! Sounds like you had fun.

  4. Lanita Boyd

    Thanks, Susan. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll know even more after ours in September!

  5. Lanita Boyd

    Actually, as I hugged Nancy good-by, she said, “You are a blessed woman!” and I totally agreed. Glad you agree, too.

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