1. Drue Wright

    Lanita, we were not one of those “young couples” when we first began attending Central, but I well remember your having us in your home soon after we came. It was a most enjoyable time and one we’ll never forget.

    We used to have people in our home for dinner every Sunday. It is beginning to be a lost art as now most people go out to eat. There is no better way to really get to know people than having them in your home and going to theirs.

  2. Lanita Boyd

    I think that’s what we all love about Life Groups. We get together in each other’s homes each Sunday for food and fellowship and the bonding is amazing. We never want to change groups at the end of the year, but we’ve learned that we soon love our new group just as much!

    I also know that you and Doyle have hosted and mentored many singles, couples, and families over the years. You are both incredible role models!

  3. Gail

    I also remember as a young married couple, Jack and I had the privilege of having dinner in your home. I learned some great recipes from you that I still use today. I also admired you both as parents. I believe Josh was close to three years old then. It is amazing the impact that you have by the way you live your life inspires others to desire to imitate that kind of example. I am greatful for Nancy, Jud, and Earleen inspiring you to be an inspiration to us! I guess that’s a great way of passing God’s love around!

    • Lanita Boyd

      Thanks, Gail. I think Jonathan must now be about the age you were then. He is obviously a fine young man, so you are passing along good things yourselves.

  4. Lanita Boyd

    My husband’s dear sister Nancy wrote:
    I had so many good role models growing
    up that I have always striven to be a good example with the help of my Heavenly Father.
    I strongly feel that if I can do nothing else in this life I want to be a help to those I leave
    behind. The scriptures truly teach that older women should be an example to younger women. I love to teach the ladies class because of this.

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