In Natal, Brazil

We made it! All nine of us arrived in Natal, Brazil, this afternoon, safe and sound. We were met by local Christians who drove us and our luggage to the church building where we will be living for the next six weeks.

Was God with us on this trip? No doubt! Still is.

1)Our overnight flight included dinner and breakfast. Just as we were about to land in San Paulo, Kinley realized she has thrown out her retainer with her breakfast trash! We talked to a steward, Leo, who also told the purser. She came to us, explaining that no matter how willing we were to go through the garbage, we would not be allowed to–a customs regulation, etc. Then just before we deplaned, Leo brought Kinley the retainer! Our hero! He’d been back there, going through the trash for us!

2) We couldn’t find one of my suitcases in San Paulo. There was a similar one left behind, so we felt that someone had picked up mine by mistake. I left all our Natal contact information with an incredibly good-looking Brazilian with excellent English (another thank-you to God–for no language barrier, not for his good looks!) By the time we’d gotten to Natal, Cris had already gotten a call that our bag had been located and would be here by tomorrow morning!

So we are grateful to God and to all who have been praying for us. Just couldn’t resist giving a quick update on how God is already working on this project.



  1. This is welcome news….not the travel troubles but the grace of God solving the problesms part! I will look forward to future updates. Blessings to all!!!

  2. Drue Wright

    Reminds me of several of our trips. God showed his love and care in amazing ways. Have a great time with your work there.

    • Lanita Boyd

      Thanks, Drue! You stepped out in faith far more than we are doing–with our laptops and local cell phones and iPads. Being able to communicate helps so much with our comfort level.

  3. Mac Reeves

    Thank God you folks are safe. Sounds like He is already working on your behalf. Our prayers are with you. Bleassings to all of you in your work there and that God’s message will be received openly. Keep us posted.

    • Lanita Boyd

      It was so sweet of her to call to wish us well! And the temp inside isn’t bad–good ocean breezes, though the Atlantic is miles away. We hope to see it on Saturday,our day off.

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