Nature’s Clothes Dryer

Last night we had a very successful Indianapolis 500 party for our readers. We had 22 readers there and enough church members, friends, and team to add up to 68. We were pleased.

Today we are going to a retreat with the church folks. Still not sure exactly how the day will go, but for now the skies are blue and the white, fluffy clouds do not portend rain. Here, however, that can change in a few minutes.

Domestic duties do not halt, however, due to parties or fun days, so last night we put in a load of laundry in our handy kitchen automatic washer. This morning Steve hung them on the line and I handed him th wet clothes and the clothespins. Reminded me a lot of my childhood on the farm when Mother hung all our clothes on the line.

But these are on a third-floor balcony rather than in a grassy back yard, and the view is tiled or tin roofs rather than a tobacco patch and a barn. Here is our laundry on the line. It’s so high that it’s much easier for Steve and Josh to hang them than for us “shorties.”