1. Ruth Ruberg

    Lanita, I think you are fine just the way you are.Stop bad mouthng yourself. you are a strong woman and I know you come by that from your mother. Too many women are backward and shy.
    Stay just the way you are.
    You go girl!

  2. Sue Perry

    I love the analogy! Recently, it occurred to me that I used to have merge anxiety (and rightfully, we all probably still should) when I enter the I65 but now I simply ‘trust’ that there will be room for me and gradually float into a (usually non-existent) space. However, the opposite happens to me in social situations…I am less confident now about my ability to merge into conversation with strangers. Thanks to you, I shall try out your new strategy tonight as I attend a staff function where I will be meeting several new spouses. The timing of this could not have been better inspiration. You are a blessing!

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