1. Drue Wright

    Lanita, that is one reason I love the South! One has to jump through hoops to get information like that in most parts of the country.

    This reminded me of the time when I got a call from some company trying to sell me something. I don’t know why I decided to have a conversation with the young lady who called except for the fact that she had a Southern accent. I asked where she was from….Little Rock. Told her I had a daughter in Batesville and granddaughters in college in Searcy. She asked if they were at Harding…..yes. Then she told me her ex husband was a Harding graduate and she had also been a member of the church of Christ but left it after their divorce. I encouraged her to return and gave her the names of several churches in Little Rock. We had a great sister-to-sister talk before her boss appeared and she had to hang up. I think of Carolyn from time to time and am praying I’ll meet her in heaven one of these days.

  2. Peggy Messenger

    You are so right. Perspective is everything. And, I miss the South. But all I have to do is say, “Well” and I’m right back home in Tennessee.

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