1. Bev

    I agree with all you wrote – we have both been so blessed with the spouses our children have chosen! They just enrich our families greatly.

    • Lanita Boyd

      Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say how much I love your daughters-in-law! They are both very talented with precious personalities and a deep love for the Lord. How blessed we both are!

  2. Lanita, thank you for recognizing my article in Heart of Ohio magazine. I think this is a vital topic, becoming a “mother-in-love” as I call it. What is this life God gave us if not about relationships? I’m a relative newbie to my children’s spouses … and I look to you for a great example!

    • Lanita Boyd

      I had a great relationship with my mother-in-law andd feel so sorry for those who struggle in the in-law relationships. It’s all about golden-rule love and unselfishness. That pretty much takes care of it all.

  3. Josh

    Looking back over 20 years, Gina and I have both been blessed that all of our parents so clearly love and support both of us!

  4. Peggy Messenger

    As always I am impressed with your view of life. Isn’t it grand? And aren’t you blessed with fantastic folks?

    Love you,

  5. Drue Wright

    The people our childre chose to marry can eiher enhance the family or causea lot of heartache. I had a wonderful relationship with my husband’s mother and will cherish it forever. I’ve had fantastic relationships with many of my children’s spouses and cherish those as well.

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