So the house is still a disaster, my Murphy Brown painter still here, my boot closet blocked on this 18° day. A friend spent the night and I took her to her doctor appointment so I didn’t get to work out and too cold to walk outside, blah, blah, blah. Always something! Renewal, a good thing in the long run.

BUT…I did go to our Bread of Life Café last night, and I did have a spiritual conversation. I talked at length to Shirley about her son who just went into rehab, her brother-in-law who died, her health issues. She is shriveled and looks ancient, but I suspect she is younger than I am since her son is about the age of my youngest. (Who knows? Maybe I look shriveled and ancient, too!) Anyone have size 3 hand-me-downs for Shirley? Not I!

So when she said she prays all the time for her son, I asked if she has a certain church she attends. “Well, I’m going to start coming to this one!” she said, which took me aback. Her son lives across the street from our church building and had come both to Bread of Life Café and to Sunday worship for several weeks before choosing to go into rehab. She has only come for dinner on Wednesday.

Since many of our guests don’t have their own transportation, I asked if she had a way to get to church or if I could pick her up. She said I could pick her up! She kept talking about moving to an apartment closer to our church building and I told her that did not matter to me. Turns out she already had plans for this Sunday, but I’ll get her there the next, which is Easter. Perhaps she can find renewal on that special day.

She’ll miss Palm Sunday, not often recognized in our faith tradition. But tomorrow Steve is preaching on the Triumphal Entry and I’m sorry Shirley can’t be there.

I’m glad she’s coming on Easter, my favorite holiday. The whole idea of resurrection and renewal is so joyous! I get chills anticipating singing “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.”

I look forward to greeting crusty old Charlie, who has Greek roots, “Christ is risen!” and his response, “Risen indeed!”

I love seeing the children, dressed in Easter finery, bring lilies to the front of the sanctuary and stand at the front to sing with us.

Central Church of Christ
Children at Easter, 2011

What do you anticipate about Easter?