1. Melissa

    Oh, Lanita, you’ve had me laughing out loud! And, surely at a time when I needed to :0
    The car stories are hilarious. Do you know that my mom told me the *exact same* AAA story a few hours ago, that also happened to them?! Well, one mechanic at the place I go to offers me candy. From his own personal ziplock bag (and I accept). I do feel like I’m getting to know them…
    Hehehehe I relate to just about all of the rest of this, although I really had very little experience using typewriters!
    Great wisdom on the control front, of course.

    • Lanita Boyd

      Melissa, I wish I’d had enough of a word allowance to include all the repair bill angst and getting stranded by the roadside. At my age, I have lots of bad car experience stories!

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