Day #24: My Three Worst Traits

Post #24 in the Blog Every Day in May Challenge, 250 or less. Prompt for May 24: Your top three worst traits.

So many choices, but here is the final list I can admit to (without husband input):

  1. I am always right. Yes, in spite of evidence to the contrary, I still think I’m right in most circumstances. So don’t argue with me over this. About this one I’m positive.
  2. I am messy. No matter how hard I try to be neat and well-organized, it just doesn’t work for me. My kitchen desk is a disaster. My office desk is a disaster. My closets—well, you get the idea. I take forever cleaning off a desk surface; the reason those papers are there is that I didn’t know what to do with them in the first place! Still don’t.  And after I cook…
  3. I take on too many responsibilities and then do some of them poorly. I started to say “do none well,” but that isn’t quite accurate. I end up letting some things go in order to take care of other things. One year I decided to say “no” to everything. It was quite freeing. I didn’t have to make any decisions; I simply said “no” whenever I was asked to do anything. The next year I said “yes,” and I loved that, too. I was back in the middle of everything, which is where I love to be. Sometimes.

You’re welcome to argue with me on these. If you know me, you know other negative traits. But I refer you to number one.



  1. But you don’t seem to be a procrastinator like me! Good for you for keeping up to date on these posts. I am a day behind…perpetually.

    • Lanita Boyd

      My father cured me of procrastination when I was in seventh grade, after staying up past midnight helping me with a school project. He said, “Never again,” and I was so concerned that I now want everything done as far ahead as possible!

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