Day #3: Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Post #3 in the Blog Every Day in May Challenge, 250 words or less. Prompt for May 3: Things that make you uncomfortable.


Sitting by a large person on a plane (or between two!)

Long public prayers

People who time long public prayers and share the information

Being the only English-speaking person on a commuter train

A non-English-speaking taxi driver

Watching my grandchildren on playground equipment

Girdles (long ago, but still remembered)

Being around people who make racist remarks and I feel I must respond

Holy Spirit promptings I don’t want to follow

People who are always talking about what their money has bought or that they want to buy

People who monopolize conversations (When do I get to talk?)



Knowing I spend more on face cream than my friend can spend on a date night with her husband

Being around someone who is drunk

Being with someone who shares too much information about other people (What does she say about me to others?)




  1. HI Lanita, Nice to see you in this May challenge. I’ll get to know you better! Your comment about grandchildren reminded me of another one for me…watching my grandchildren as they edge out into deeper water to jump higher waves. Scary to see how brave they are. I could never reach them in time if something were to happen.

    • Lanita Boyd

      Oh, yes! After I made the list I kept thinking of many other things–such as Pilates in a roomful of slender twenty-somethings!

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