Day #2: Something I’m REALLY Good at

Post #2 in the Blog Every Day in May Challenge. Prompt for May 2. Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at, 250 words or less.

I am an expert at damaging cars. The spring I did my student teaching I drove my mother’s car and totaled it trying to get through on a yellow light.

That summer I was living at home while finishing college. While backing out of an angled parking place in my dad’s car, I scraped the paint off the side with the bumper of the adjacent car.

In a hurry one night, I backed the family car out of the parking area, planning to pull forward out of the driveway. Instead, I hit my father’s combine that was parked there (for city folks: it’s a machine for harvesting wheat). When he got home that night, he saw the only new car he’d ever owned a mangled mess beneath his most valuable piece of farm equipment. You can imagine that he was glad to walk me down the aisle and let Steve deal with my wrecking proclivities!

When our son was a baby, a student driver ran into me when I was stopped at a 4-way stop sign. Not my fault.

A couple of right-side mirrors were broken off. Maybe three. Got to know the parts place guy who’d attach one for me.

I rear-ended a driver who suddenly decided to turn left. Car totaled.

I briefly blacked out and hit a stone wall. Car totaled.

Reminder: when you drive old cars, it’s much easier for the repair bill to exceed the value of the car, thus totaling the car.