1. Drue Wright

    Lanita, one of my favorite times when we had a huge family was dinner time (or supper time as I prefer). With 12 in the household no one had a choice except on birthdays when the birthday person got to chose the menu. Our main meals were things that went a long way such as curry, shop suey, chili, etc. Dinner time was not a time to argue or discuss things that were too unpleasant so we had some great conversations over that huge table (a folding Ping-Pong top over a pool table.) Now, my favorite conversations are on our long trips when we don’t turn on the radio and just spend time together. Oh the joy of little things!

    • Lanita Boyd

      I agree, Drue. Those little things made life so pleasant, even with the problems that are always part of child-rearing.

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