1. I love this Lanita….I also had shoe memories of my mother and have several pair of her shoes that I can wear! Thanks for this one. Memories so dear :). Terri Cornwell

    • Lanita Boyd

      Thanks, Terri, for your comment. It’s amazing what trivial items can spark sweet memories.

  2. Susan Smith

    Lanita, I never knew so many Ralph girls have long skinny feet!! Aunt Juanita and I organized one of her closets last week and she has a few pair of beautiful old pairs. Her feet are long and narrow as well. Lexi has one 9&1/2 size foot and one size 9! When I look at that picture of all the sisters sitting on the hearth, you can see they all had long feet! Mine are just average 7M and I do LOVE shoes!!

    • Lanita Boyd

      Yes, Susan, it’s a Ralph trait. But also, my dad wore 11A, which is really unusual for a man. Then I had to up and marry a man who also wears 11A, so poor Josh was sunk, though he can sometimes wear 13B if he can’t get 13A. Years ago, I was a mite jealous of Kelsey with her normal 8M–and relieved for her as well.

  3. Lanita, this brought up so many sweet memories for me. On a recent visit to AZ to see my mom, we were shopping and she purchased a pair of flip flops that had been glammed up a bit. She was like a kid in a candy store. She bought them, even though it seemed frivilous to her—just because she wanted to. I loved it. And they haven’t stayed tucked away in the closet either! She’s worn them out to dinner and just go shopping…coz a girl just can’t get enough glam! Blessings.

    (And my, you have narrow feet!)

    • Lanita Boyd

      I had no idea so many of my friends would share shoe-memories connected with their moms. What blessed memories!

      • Lanita Boyd

        Sherry, my mother only wore suits for the last 30 years of her life as she worked in a law office. I have a couple of her blazers that I love to wear even though they don’t fit me very well!

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