1. Terri

    I know I have been caught with the same feeling about a grammatically incorrect I/Me, You/Myself, and even a few times hearing a sentence end in a preposition. I have no degree for such training but I have been blessed by teachers who believed in teaching and not worrying about my ego, friends and coworkers who love me enough to want to better my life, and a Lord who loves me either way, but doesn’t want me to stop learning the correct WAY. So glad you have the knowledge to do both correct and lovingly smile while not correcting each of my grammatical errors. Love this.

    • Thanks for your comment, Terri. In speaking, we often end with a preposition and that’s acceptable. Sometimes even in writing, it sounds pretentious to reword a sentence so it doesn’t end in a preposition, but most of the time I can. I think that sometimes a preposition is the very best thing to end a sentence with. 🙂

      Interesting versions of Winston Churchill’s stance on the matter abound. Here is a good summary that’s rather entertaining: http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/churchill.html

  2. Judy Henry

    I love this! Are you FB friends with Becky Briley? I believe she also received one of these badges. She frequently posts “grammar police” articles. It’s a gentle way to raise awareness.


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