1. What a great post! After we drove back from Alabama all in one day we went out for pizza. Rufino and I were exhausted and I grabbed Ceci out of her carseat without shoes on or a coat (she likes to take off her shoes in the car). Her face was a huge mess, because we had let her eat candy in the car to keep her quiet for a while. Yes, nice, I know. Anyway, her hair was completely matted-down, and she looked…awful. Fortunately I didn’t see any former students, but I felt that the lady next to us kept starting at our baby! I soooo wanted to say to her “We just drove all the way from Alabama!” but I didn’t. You are always so gracious, and I’m sure that your student did NOT go away saying “she looked so old” but rather “she was so nice!”

    • Love it when we imagine what strangers think of us, as if it matters. 🙂 I’m glad to think you’re right about what my student thought. Thanks.

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