1. Drue Wright

    I haven’t commented in awhile but read, enjoy and always benefit from your posts.

    This one reminded me of a series of lessons Doyal prepared and presented at several workshops a few years ago.

    I always think of Bob and Ruth Williams when I think of the gift of hospitality. I also thimk that is one of your many gifts.

  2. From Catherine:

    Thanks, Lanita,

    I’m gifted in sharing my faith; last Friday I won a Hindu to Christ at the First Citizens Bank.

    I’m still walking on air. I’ve followed up and the light of Christ is all over him.

    I’m also gifted in teaching, hence my book which by the way will one day be back in print.

  3. Althea

    I plan to reread this “Musings” periodically .. to consider the thoughtful questions and challenges, Lanita. Currently, I’m of the opinion that my gifts change with the season of my life and the needs of those around me.

    • I totally agree! I do not consider myself a considerate care-giver, but while caring for my mother I read a book on discovering our spiritual gifts. At that time, the questions led me to see myself as an effective caregiver–my gift for that season of my life.

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