1. One of Mom’s favorites was “Be sure to wear clean underwear because you might be in an accident.” I used to tell her that, if I were in an accident, the state of my underwear would not be my first concern.

    I remember, when I was in first grade, we saw a woman at the grocery store who was wearing jeans. My mother thought it was scandalous. Boy have times changed!

    • I’ve always heard that clean underwear statement, but evidently my mother assumed I always had clean underwear–and I’m sure you did, too. It’s funny to think about all the changes. So jeans were scandalous…hmmmm.

  2. Josh

    Yes, eating and drinking while driving is exponentially easier with an automatic transmission! When I’ve driven in other countries where rental cars are almost all manual, I’ve found it impossible to multi-task the way I do here, especially for in-town driving. There also seem to be fewer cup-holders in cars where manuals are more common.

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