1. Bill Long

    You forgot to put in there “make homemade I’ve cream when preacher comes”. What a beautiful lady she was

  2. What a godly mother! Reminds me of my mother in so many ways. I pray I’m passing the heritage on to my children.

    My Mom never peeled tomatoes!

  3. I forgot to write that we had always to dip our soup spoon away from us to fill it before eating that spoonful of soup–never toward ourselves. Don’t know why–just a rule of good manners!

    • Yes, blessed in so many ways! Although I resented her often, now I realize how important she was to influence me so strongly and in the right direction.

  4. A. Edwards

    So glad you have been blessed in this way, Lanita. We also were to use “mother”(or later “Granna”)at our mother’s request. I especially appreciate your mother’s admonition “Don’t say anything about someone that you wouldn’t tell if he or she were there.” Definitely much-needed, wise advice!

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