• I loved your email about going to the “Young Folks Home” because many there are younger than you! You are amazing. 61 years married is awesome!

  1. Catherine

    Interesting, Lanita.

    I was a senior in college when I first voted.

    I remember coming back from class one afternoon, and my roommate thought she had me in a corner.

    She had posted on our dorm door a sign reading, “We like Stevenson.”

    I quickly made another sign and posted it directly under hers (not removing hers, of course!)

    My sign read, “We just like Eisenhower better!”

    It was my first time to vote, and I made the effort to get an absentee ballot so I could.

    You’ve probably guessed that I’m Republican, a “Dyed in the wool” Republican.

    Try to love me anyway.

    • I do love you, Catherine–and I especially love your spunk! I’m awed that you voted (age 21 or more, back then) in the 1952 election and are still going strong.

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