• Thanks, Gina. I’m afraid I’m beginning to reveal too much in my posts. Maybe from Natal I can write more about others and less about me.

  1. Louise Cassity

    I enjoyed this post — practical and humorous but with a spiritual lesson. Jim and I enjoyed your visit very much! We always have a great time with you and Steve. May you have a safe and fruitful trip to Brazil.

  2. We are so totally related, Lanita! My Mom called tissues Kleenex when I was growing up and I never have changed. We have a box in every room, sometimes more than one. You have to be an allergy family to understand.

    And the scissors in every room thing, I do that too. We have cups sitting around in all the rooms with pens and scissors in them. In the den, where there are more than one sitting areas, we have a cup by each one.

    Of course, this is a Texas thing, but coke is a generic word here. We say, “Get me a coke.” and we expect the person to ask what we want. I’m a Dr Pepper person myself.

    Great spiritual application. If you look around my house you’d be much more impressed by my Kleenex and scissors collection than by my number of Bibles. I need to pray about my priorities every day.

    • We do have a lot in common, Sherry! In Tennessee, we also used the term “coke” for any soft drink. It took me a while living in various locations to break myself of that one. Thanks for reminding me of that.

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