1. Amazing, Lanita! What a powerful work you, your husband, and Vaughn are doing. I know God is using all of you to reach a lost group of men who are often forgotten.

    I’ll be praying for you and Vaughn.

    • Thanks, Sherry! It’s exciting to read Vaughn’s reports. The devil is constantly working against him, and yet God continually shows himself and overcomes. We appreciate your prayers!

  2. I love thinking about all the connections God had to arrange to make this happen! Vaughn had to tell Mac who had to feel moved to help. Then Mac had to tell you of his frustrations at the system and its complications. Then you had to think of the labels and (most importantly) act! Then Mac had to have the faith to give using your label a shot. So many times for humans to have failed and yet the Spirit prevailed!

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