1. I grew up in the Air Force. We moved every 3-4 years with a rigid weight limit. I’m still in clean-out-every-couple-years mode. My husband, on the other hand, believes that, if he ever owned it, he should keep it. It’s made for an interesting marriage. 🙂

    • Good thing you two balance each other out! I’ve been on a cleaning/sorting frenzy this week, cleaning out stuff that no one sees but me. Guess it got me started thinking about discarding in general.

  2. Judy

    Didn’t you once save a piece of a broken antique saucer and had it made into a brooch?

    I too, save memorabilia and greeting cards. Both are filed by years, going all the way back to high school. Like you, I anticipate enjoying my 90s and I hope to enjoy reminiscing sometime between now and then.

    Your sentimental idiosyncrasies are very similar to mine. I enjoyed it!

    • Yes, I took my mother’s broken china cup and had it made into pendants for the granddaughters and a brooch for her. You have a good memory! She’d kept the broken cup for years since it was part of her wedding china and she just couldn’t throw it away. She didn’t miss it when I took it from her china cabinet and she loved the Christmas surprise of the brooch.

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