1. I’d love to come for tea! And what, pray tell, is Qwirkle?

    I do occasionally enjoy being alone. Unfortunately, I’m a people-person to the extreme. I would be with people some part of every day if it were possible.

    Instead, I have the TV on just to hear voices and I talk to my poor dog so much I’m surprised she doesn’t get under the bed!

    • Sherry, surely talking to your dog is better than talking to yourself, which is what I often do–mainly to keep myself on task. Qwirkle is a game that looks similar to Scrabble, but the tiles are bigger and each tile has one of six shapes in one of six colors. The goal is to get six in a row, either all one color with each different shape, or all one shape with each different color. Oh, just google it! 😉 At least you can see what the tiles look like. I don’t care if I win or lose–I just enjoy playing. Actually, that’s true of me with about any game unless I’m playing one of my brothers. Then my competitive gene kicks in!

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