Some Months are Like That

I’m reminded of one of our favorite children’s books, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst, except for me it’s a month, not a day. I’d quote it exactly, but it’s packed up with most of my basement. But I am getting ahead of my story.Alexander

A month ago, I noticed some unusual moisture in some of my kitchen cabinets. After much angst, mold removal, sanitation, plumbing, and drywall replacement, we can use the kitchen again. We are still waiting for the replacement cabinets, so three cupboards of dishes and glasses are on my dining table and have been there for over two weeks.

Yesterday I went to the basement and squish! My foot sank into the frothy carpet floating above a thoroughly soaked pad. Not just a little this time–every floor in the basement was wet. About a half-inch of water was standing in the bathroom and, of course, no water was in the laundry room because it has a drain. But the rug on the floor by the washing machine was soaked.

I called a restoration company and they have been right on it. Today four people worked for several hours, assessing and packing up everything.  The box holding my wedding dress got wet on the bottom, but the dress seems to be dry. Some things they just had to throw out. They pulled up all the baseboards to replace them, but most of the furniture seems okay. The basement is full of their machines for drying it out before a new carpet pad is put down. They will just clean the carpet and sanitize it. But at least the people are all gone for now.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to have a root canal redone. Today the tooth has started hurting again. Can stress trigger a toothache?

And then my favorite flip-flops broke.

That was the last straw. So I’m complaining to the world.

Yet as I write I begin to get perspective. It’s all about¬†things, and things don’t matter. Inconvenience doesn’t matter; we’re retired (supposedly.) Steve and I are in good health, as are our children and grandchildren. We have a multitude of friends and are part of a wonderful, God-centered church. We have insurance–and it will probably pay for some of the repair from both unfortunate events.

It’s just stuff. Not worth whining about.

Some months are like that.

Even in Fort Thomas.




  1. Annelle R. Huggins

    I think we should both go on a long vacation until our houses re back in order!

  2. Oh, Lanita, what a month! I think the accumulation of problems could justify a little bit of whining?? I know I’d be prone to that. You’re in our prayers that things get all worked out, especially that root canal problem. But thank you for a gentle reminder on perspective. We do have so much to be grateful for. Take care, friend. See you soon!

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