1. Marcia Blalack

    Loved your story Lanita! It reminded me that my Daddy would not let my older sister play in the band because they wore pants. He loosened up a bit by the time I came along. I am glad….otherwise I would not have had a career!

  2. Pat Kirkman Atkinson

    Lanita I enjoyed your story. It reminded me of my parents. I missed out on things especially senior trip because they were so strict with me.

  3. Bill Long

    Having known your parents this series of events does not surprise me. Both were very dedicated Christians and good parents. At that time the traditions of the churches called for their decisions. I know you know what wonderful people your parents were

  4. Josh Boyd

    I had never heard this complete story. But I can relate to your parents’ mixed feelings about cheerleading. And I’m glad Grandma won out on this one for you! I love the 1961 picture of the two of you.

    • Kinley’s tryouts brought it all to mind again. I emailed her the story, too. That may be the only picture I have with her when I was a teen. She was 38–younger then than you are now!

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