1. Bill Long

    Beautiful tribute to a very Godly man. Brings back memories for me of a lot of meetings I held in the area fir which he led singing. E always was pleasant, enthusiastic and put a lot of energy on the song service. Great example for fathers today.

    Bill Long

  2. Melinda Jernigan Alden

    I enjoyed reading your tribute to your gentle father.
    He was always my favorite song leader at church. He had a beautiful voice and a loving, Christian spirit. I am sure he is still leading singing but now has a perfect pitch without any instrument. Thank you for sharing your memories of your special times with your daddy.

    • Thanks, Melinda. I remember your father as another gentle spirit. He was so patient with me when I’d come to pick strawberries and ended up playing with you and Kay! And I adored his electric blue eyes.

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