1. I laughed out loud as I read your “bed to bed” comment. I had JUST been thinking about that as I read! Kudos to you for writing what you want to write and owning it.

    For the Oaks, most people wear some pink since the races are run by fillies and mares. You could wear another color with pink accessories, of course, but lots of people will be in all pink. There is a Susan G. Komen tie-in, too.

    Any colors are great on Derby day!

    You’ll need hats for both days, though there are no rules for the size they should be (unlike at Ascot). Fascinators are easier to wear, but brimmed hats provide more sun protection. Choose what you think you can stand for 12 or so hours.

    Choose dresses that make you feel pretty but are also fairly comfortable. Wear heels but take flats or flip flops in your purse for wearing at your seat. (We’ll be standing up on our bleacher seats during the big races, so you don’t want track dirt from your shoes on your seat and you don’t want to fall off in heels.)

    I think you’re less likely to see someone else wearing your dress if you choose something from a previous season, but I guess nothing is fool proof. Just don’t wear Vineyard Vines or Lilly Pulitzer. Everyone does.

    That’s my Derby/Oaks advice! Take it or leave it!

    • All this advice is priceless! Thanks so much. I’m also thinking something with a jacket would be good since the weather is always iffy that early in May. Kelsey and I plan to go hat-shopping around Easter time.

  2. Carol Wuest

    Absolutely loved reading the Christmas review. Such an example of what Christmas is all about. The Birth of our Savior is celebrated as all birthdays should be. We sing, we eat, we love and we accept gifts just as the Magi gave gifts to the Infant Jesus. God bless your family and have a Happy and Healthy 2017, Sharing your Christmas with us was a joy to our family.

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