1. Brenda

    In 2010, on our way to Zion NP, there was a lot of road construction in Hurricane, Utah. There was no where to stay except a Rodeway Inn Motel. I REALLY, REALLY didn’t want to stay there! When we checked in, the man said the “free breakfast” was in room 101. Creepy. I checked our room well for bedbugs & cleanliness, and it had been freshly painted and was very clean, just old furnishings.
    Gary went to check breakfast out the next morning. Coffee & doughnuts, better than nothing. Weird, though.
    I love your stories, and your list is spot on!

    • Well, at least it was clean! Our son and family are doing 23 National Parks in 47 days, and Zion was one the visited. I’ll share your story with them!

  2. Pam Proctor

    We want the ventilation (AC or heat) to be quiet. The worst case is the kind that roar until they reach the set point and then shut down, off and on all through the night. I also like to have an extra blanket available in the closet, since Russ likes the room cooler than I do.

    • Good point, Pam! I guess I sleep so well I’ve never even noticed that problem. And I’m more likely to throw off cover than to need more. 🙂

  3. Connie

    I agree and have a few of my own: love a bathroom with a tub and shower, not the jacuzzi type that steams up the room with the bed. And please no sharp towel bars. I cut myself on one in Florida. All management gave me was a free bandaid!
    Also, a microwave and a few real dishes for a muffin, cup of tea or afternoon snack. A mini fridge is great too!
    Finally, no mold issues!!! Stayed at several expensive hotels that had mold due to leaky air conditioners and/or leaky refrigerators.

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