1. Judy

    A great example of finishing well. I’m glad you were able to tell her one more time last week that you love her What a special relationship!

    (I didn’t know that area on Long Holliw Pike was known as Vertical Plains). Safe travels as you go.

  2. Melinda Alden

    Lanita, I am sorry your Aunt Juanita died. I am happy she had a long, wonderful life. The names sound familiar, especially his. I think Mama may have gone to school with him. Did he go to school in Portland? I remember a Ralph sister who used to visit Clearview church. I don’t remember her name, but I do remember thinking she was beautiful. All of my Jernigan and Ramsey aunts and uncles are now gone, plus a few cousins. I miss all of them. You are fortunate to have such wonderful memories about your aunt. Thanks for sharing.

    I love the humor in your grandfather’s naming his farm Vertical Plains.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Connie Huddleston

    You have been blessed with family with characters…and who are/were characters. I know you will miss your aunt. I’m praying that the Lord will comfort your family in this time of loss.

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