1. Melinda Alden

    That is a wonderful story. Now I will wonder who it was the rest of my life. Christmas Eve at our house when I was growing up was full of food and Jernigans. We played Rook and Monopoly until late into the evening. I would have been too tired to stay awake even if I had wanted to. We were always told that Santa wouldn’t come if we were awake, so going to sleep was a great incentive. The best part of Christmas to me, even more than Santa, was going to all of our uncles’ and aunts’ and grown up cousins’ houses to eat and play games until midnight. The worst part was getting into an extremely cold car and driving home cold and sleepy.
    Thanks for sharing that great story. I loved it, but who could that have been?

  2. Annelle R Huggins

    Ho,ho,ho! I really appreciated the repeat of this tale. Santa truly lives for each of us, we just have to believe. Same is true with our religious beliefs. You and I have been truly blessed to have parents who led us to believe in both Santa and Jesus Christ. “God bless us everyone.”

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