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  1. Melinda J. Alden

    Glad to know Larry and family are physically safe!

    Your writing skills are wonderful, Lanita. I am looking at it from a college English teacher. Can’t help it. That was my life for several years, and I’m still caught in the grading mode. The irony of the name had not occurred to me until you pointed it out. Your literary ending shocks the reader.

    I hope your daughter-in-law is cancer free. Sometimes I miss posts on Facebook. I spend too much time on my phone as it is.

    If I can send money, I will later. Right now I have two donations I need to make as memorials. Elaine’s son-in-law died after eight years of battling a rare stomach cancer, and our cousin Joe David Jernigan died from a horrible tractor accident.

    You may have read about that. It was tragic. He was paralyzed from his neck down, and the doctors at Vanderbilt told him that he would need special care for the rest of his life; he would need to be on a respirator and also a feeding tube the rest of his life. He made the decision not to live like that and had them unplug his respirator. That was a tragic but brave choice. He was Jessie’s and Dump’s only child. He was Kay’s age. Take care and tell Larry that I am thankful that he and his family and home are safe.
    Love, Melinda

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