1. Josh Boyd

    There are a lot of details here that I didn’t know! What a great narrative of the Spirit at work. And the carrot cake was a nice bonus along the way. 🙂

  2. J.G. Ralph.

    I enjoyed your life thru those years. I believe God calls it’s just we sometime are not willing to go. You and your family have done a mighty work for the Lord and still “ AT IT”, not sure that’s a word. Love to all. JGR.

  3. Nancy Louden

    We were just talking about where all the
    places Steve had preached in the hot tub
    this morning. We hope to get
    to Central
    before he retires.

  4. Dick Wright

    Lanita — Thanks for sharing. Glad I was able to get to know the two of you, and that Mary Lou and I were able to “call” on Steve to perform our wedding — forty years ago! Hope you enjoyed the trip from Covington in the “borrowed” pickup truck.

  5. Melinda Jernigan Alden

    I fully enjoyed your story about your early years. I also enjoyed your little asides about recipes. I am thankful you married a man of God. God be with you and your family. I hope your daughter-in-law is doing well.

  6. Drue Wright

    We have just been discussing how the spirit has worked in our lives. I am amazed at it all. I’m glad the spirit called us to Central and for the years we were there.

  7. Michael Niese

    Lanita through this post I learned so much that I didn’t know. Mike and I are coming up on our 20 year anniversary in August. I want to say how very honored I am and was that Steve was able to officiate our ceremony. That meant the world to me.

  8. Judy Henry

    What an amazing story! I didn’t know any of that. 7 calls—all unplanned. God’s plan and timing are uncanny. How did he get interested in auctioneering?

  9. Lisa Luttrell Crowe

    Loved reading this about former Lipscomb classmates. Especially since the Crowes know the Boyd family now. BTW, Lanita, I will celebrate receiving my Waldorf Red Cake recipe from a woman at the church when we married even more. No other recipe of that cake has ever been as good.

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